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Start your Healthy Lifestyle Now

The 3 Keys: Exercise – Nutrition – Mindfulness


Have a Health Check

Imagine feeling in control of your health – that’s the aim of our Health Checks.

Your Health Check may highlight common health concerns that our programme of exercise -nutrition – mindfulness may be able to help you change your lifestyle.

You will meet with our Nutritionist on a one-to-one basis who will carry out a whole range of tests including your body composition, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, lung capacity and many more with you receiving a full report of the results for you to take away so that you can start your health recovery journey.

The cost of a Health Check for non-members is = £55.00, Health Checks are FREE  for ‘All-Inclusive’ members.

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Your Better Body Programme

Our hugely successful Your Better Body Programme is an 8-week programme designed specifically for you to change your body shape.

You have a one-to-one consultation to discuss your goals and take vital measurements. You will be given advice on nutrition , receive exercise advice and all the information and tools to guide you through the next 8 weeks  with results being guaranteed if you commit to our advice and support.

Each 8-week Better Body Programme costs £80.00.

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Recording all your health successes and improvements is critical to ensure you stay motivated and on the right track – Boditrax gives you exactly that!

Boditrax is an amazingly clever system that assesses your body and, very quickly, delivers 14 different measurements, such as your ideal weight, your BMI and your metabolic age, as well as your fat and muscle mass and it’s completely FREE to use. You can also have a FREE review of your results with one of our highly trained staff who can also review your exercise programme.


The purpose of using the Myzone technology is to help you FEEL-GOOD about exercising.

It’s an absolute must if you want to keep yourself motivated and keep yourself on track with achieving your health and fitness goal – no matter what your fitness level is!

If you wish to purchase a belt for only £49.99 (RRP £129.99) please use the button below.


When registering your Myzone belt use:-

Facility code GCLUK002 for Cascades

Facility code GCLUK003 for Cygnet

Facility code GCLUK004 for Swanscombe

Personal Trainers

There are many reasons why you may need a Personal Trainer be it:

  • you’re not sure how to start exercising
  • you may be bored with your current exercising
  • you’re not seeing the results you want
  • you need different challenges
  • you may want to learn how to exercise on your own
  • you need more motivation
  • you may have an illness or an injury that needs specialist attention
  • you could be training for a specific sport.

Well we have a team of Personal Trainers that are here to help – click the button below to view our PT profiles and make your choice. Use the PT enquiry form and your chosen Personal Trainer will call you directly.


A Personal Trainer cost is £35.00 per session.

What our Members are Saying about us……….

I started exercising with a Myzone belt – I have to say its a very motivational piece of technology that keeps you interested in exercising – at a certain level – that gets results.


I started training with a PT to help me with a running progarmme, with his help and advice I have run the North Downs Run and entered my first full Marathon later this year.


After completing the Better Body Programme for the first time in years my waist measurement has gone down and amazingly my bicep and thigh measurement has increased.