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The 3 Keys: Exercise – Nutrition – Mindfulness


Our leisure centres offer the widest range of Exercise opportunities locally be it gym, group X classes, swimming and racket sports and we encourage everyone to mix their exercise programmes to keep it varied by accessing all of our exercise facilities – this way you won’t get bored!

Exercise is is all about raising your heart rate and strengthening your muscles – all of which will help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goal be it to control your weight, combat a health condition or disease, improve your mood and boost energy and best of all Exercise is fun and sociable.


All our gyms are fitted out with a wide range of cardio, strength and functional Pulse fitness equipment, all in spacious air-conditioned facilities with our staff being available for any of your fitness needs at any time.

Your membership card holds your personalised exercise programme, records your workouts and sends you a personal email of your workout and results.

Group X Classes

We have the widest range of group X classes locally with over 120 to choose from, all taking place in one of our 9 fully equipped studios all being delivered by the best team of teachers.

Check out our current  Group X class programme below – there you will also find class descriptions.


Swimming – available at Cygnet only

Swimming is a great all-round activity because it keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off you body. There are as many benefits swimming as there are by using the gym or group X classes as swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio vascular fitness.


Racket Sports

We have a wide range of racket sports available including squash, badminton, racket ball and table tennis, all of which are an excellent form of exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

Playing racket sports also gives you variety to your exercise programme and brings out the competitiveness in us all – you will love it.

We offer Badminton Coaching with a qualified instructor on a Wednesday at Cygnet 10am – 12noon, numbers are limited so book your space below using the ‘Book your Activity’

In addition to all our exercise facilities we have a range of other Supporting Services – to view please click the button below


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What our members are saying about us ……….

I have been a member of many leisure centres but the equipment and facilities and of course the staff make it the best I have been to,


I am a new member of the gym and feel the staff have been helpful and supportive I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you


I feel I needed to say thanks after fitting in my bridesmaid dress with Outline help. the fitness staff offered me lots of advice and support.

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