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The 3 Keys: Exercise – Nutrition – Mindfulness


This day and age we are all having to deal with increased levels of stress and a range of other difficulties. Mindfulness will not eliminate these situations but will help provide you with a way of living that allows you to deal with all types of stressful situations.

Once you start practising Mindfulness, it can heighten levels of happiness, patience, acceptance, and compassion, as well as lower levels of stress, frustration, and sadness. It really is one of the keys to a Healthy Lifestyle!

Sauna Steam and Spa – currently unavailable 

At Cascades and Cygnet, we have dedicated, relaxing health suites providing Sauna, Steam and Spa facilities. These are great for improving blood circulation, soothing muscle therapy after a good exercise session or help with a muscle injury, promotes better sleep patterns, can relieve arthritis, and certainly reduces stress levels. Click here to see what is available.

Our programmes allow for ladies only sessions, so click here for our Health Suite Timetables.

At Cascades, we also have the Joni Beauty Salon with treatments including facials, slimming treatments, hair removal, reflexology, massage, manicures and lots more. For more details, contact us at Cascades here.

Yoga Pilates and Tai chi

Yoga, Pilates and tai chi are all low-impact sessions, which means they do not put stress on your joints. There are many potential health benefits to these sessions being part of your weekly exercise plan too including lowering of blood pressure, improved balance and flexibility, better sleeping, reduced anxiety and depression, improving lower back pain, decreased risk of falls in older people even just improving the quality of life.

All of these sessions are part of our Group X Class programme taken by fully qualified and experienced teachers, check out the timetable or book your session below.

Mindfulness Classes

Our Mindfulness Class sessions are delivered by a professionally qualified and experienced teacher who will be able to develop your ability to manage stress levels, identify real or hidden emotions, improve general performance, increase self-acceptance, be able to respond rather than react and increase emotional resilience. These classes are the way forward for so many of us. Check out the timetable or book your session below.


Motivational Coaching

Again, our Motivational Coaching sessions are delivered by a professionally qualified and experienced teacher who will be able to develop you identify strengths, develop them and help you find personal and professional goals. You will realise that positive behaviour changes last longer, you will increase your creativity and flexibility, your general performance will improve along with your health and possibly your personal relationships. A session surely not to be missed – to register your interest please use and contact form below.


Headspace App

The Headspace App is an App that our Managing Director believes helped him through some difficult times.

You can read his story and watch his video below


In addition to all our mindfulness services we have a range of other Supporting Services – use the tab below to view


What our members are saying about us ……….

I joined the gym as I wasn’t in the best place mentally and my physical body did not help my outlook on myself or my life. Before I knew it I was going 5 days a week and haven’t looked back.


We were really nervous about joining the gym as we had never set foot in one before but our confidence grew with the friendliness of the staff. We now participate in classes too.


I have built up a great relationship with all the staff and other members. My confidence and self esteem has grown since becoming a member. Thanks especially to Shiel.

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