My Call for HELP!

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We all know that keeping ourselves healthy is a good thing for many reasons – if we don’t, we run the risk of suffering from all the issues caused by carrying a few too many pounds – things like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, stroke even some cancers!

It’s not rocket science to realise that eating differently and exercising a little more than what we do now is the way forward. But the providers of service i.e. the NHS, Public Health, GP’s, Education or the even the Leisure Industry I work in has got it right – the prevalence of lifestyle illnesses continue to grow.

The added ingredient to diet and exercise that we promote and include in our service – and this is from my own personal experience – is looking after your mind too – mental health illness is a growing concern!

So, what are we at GCLL doing about it?

At GCLL, we do things different to most other similar facilities – we really are supportive of those who have a lifestyle illness but more important, I want us to be the preventative service to help and support everyone to give themselves the best opportunity to allowing themselves to not suffer any of these horrible health issues. At the end of the day, they can take lives away from us! Our focus is moving towards being much more health related than solely on increasing people’s exercise!

My Mission

My mission is to ‘change what we eat, increase our exercise and for us all to look after our minds’!

We will be employing different people with different skills and qualifications to help us achieve my mission. Not only will we have highly qualified and experienced Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Teachers etc but we already have a Nutritionist and a Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise professional to lead on two new hugely successful services we now offer – Fix Type 2 and our Cardiac Phase 4 scheme. In the future, I expect we will be employing professionals around motivation, physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy and, I’m sure, many more.

We also recognise that we can’t achieve this on our own – there needs to be a better joined up approach between all the associated services – the problem with this approach will be the potential of differing and confusing messages/information/advice being given to you. To avoid this, we want to work with other service providers who think and act like us – with this in mind, we have just entered in to a service agreement with EMIS Care (the provider of the NHS diabetic eye screening service) and for them to provide this service at Cascades Leisure Centre. It is hoped also for the diabetic foot screening service to also be based at Cascades in future months.

My Call for HELP!

With our successes including getting people with type 2 diabetes in to remission, it’s not surprising that I want to spread the word that we can help anyone with type 2 – so my call of help to you is simple – for you to please share our Fix Type 2 programme with any friends, family or work colleagues so that we can have the opportunity to help them in turn. For more information on this fantastic and successful service click here.

You may also find it beneficial to read my own personal journey of being un-well. A copy of ‘My Journey’ can be found here.

Please come back here soon as I will be giving further insights in to a very broad range of topics that we all face on a day-to-day basis.
Keep yourself healthy
Rob Swain – Managing Director